South Florida Home Watch

Complete Home Services for South Florida.  South Florida Home Watch offers complete residential property services in Miami, Florida, and the surrounding area.

Hello, we are Brian and Sarah Piper, Principals of South Florida Real Estate Consultants, Inc., dba Home Watch South Florida, a home watch service specializing in the care of part-time residences in the South Florida area.   Whether you’re looking for home watch service or key holding service in Miami Beach for your vacation home, house cleaning in Pinecrest, vacation rental property services in Coral Gables, concierge services while visiting in South Beach, or even printing needs to commercial cleaning services for your office building in Downtown Brickell, we provide a suite of services you require.

As a subsidiary of South Florida Real Estate Consultants, Inc., with more than fifteen years experience serving our community, we provide absentee owners with the experience, the know-how, and the judgment to keep your mind at ease.

Alarms system can’t detect a leaking refrigerator or pipe, smell the odor of an air-conditioner in disrepair, detect dying landscaping from lack of water or see the evaporation of too much water from your pool.   South Florida Home Watch is in a unique position to provide unmatched service and unparalleled dependability for “Total Peace of Mind.

NEW! You may now request complete home opening and home closing services through our online home opening request form and home closing request form! Let us know how we can help prepare your south Florida home for your return.

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